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Generative AI

From the first steps to the complete solution – we are your partner in the world of generative AI.


At WeConnectAI, we empower small and medium-sized enterprises to navigate the AI landscape with confidence, providing tailored guidance for integrating advanced artificial intelligence into their core strategies.

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We started the company from the university, today we have customers all over Europe and since 2024 we have also been represented in the Canadian market with WeconnectAI Inc.


Various AI use cases that we have identified in both commercial and numerous other industries such as finance, healthcare, retail and manufacturing


Industry sectors,

in which we have carried out various projects and advised customers on both operational and strategic levels in the field of generative AI.


We have already trained people in the use of generative AI, making them more efficient and safer in their daily work.


Our workshop formats are individual and tailored to the needs of our customers.

AI Marketplace

We are pleased to announce our strategic partnership with one of Canada's leading investors. Together with NGen Connect, we aim to strengthen small and medium-sized businesses through networking and the use of innovative AI solutions. This cooperation brings us a big step closer to realizing our vision of offering effective AI use cases and solutions. Are you curious to find the ideal partner for your company?

Try NGen Connect and discover how we can help you find your partners, solution providers, AI use cases and other technical partners.


Workshop offering


We offer comprehensive workshops that show how you can use artificial intelligence holistically in your company and redesign your corporate strategy. In addition, we offer operational workshops that are specifically tailored to introduce your employees to the practical use of AI.

Data Scraping

Data enrichment

In recent years, we have received numerous inquiries about how companies can effectively enrich their own data for competitive comparisons, network expansions and the creation of product shops. Our expertise enables you to use your data in a targeted manner and grow your business.

RAG Systems

Your ChatGPT

Over the last year, we have received numerous requests to set up our own ChatGPT systems. We offer customized solutions that are tailored precisely to your individual needs to enable you to get started and use ChatGPT in your company in the best possible way.


We are proud of our diverse customer base, which ranges from small and medium-sized companies to public corporations. For each of them, we have implemented AI use cases that quickly lead to tangible results without the need for lengthy research projects. Our practice-oriented solutions offer immediate added value and increase efficiency sustainably.


The workshops are well structured and are suitable for everyone, whether a beginner or a ChatGPT power user.


ChatGPT Workshop

It was a really good workshop with you, very enriching for us personally and across departments.


AI Readiness Workshop

The advice regarding the use of the M365 copilot laid the foundation for our subsequent decision-making.


Copilot Workshop

make contact

Do you have any questions about AI providers, use cases or other topics related to artificial intelligence? Do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to provide you with expert knowledge.

+49 (0) 152 57018364

Gollierstrasse 18,

81667 Munich

Generative AI

Do you feel like you're in the proverbial "candy store", surrounded by a wealth of fascinating AI tools, without knowing which ones are right for your business? Can't see the forest for the trees when it comes to choosing the best AI solutions? We understand that the choice can be overwhelming. Download our free report that shows you step by step how AI can improve your daily processes.

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