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Mastering AI tools: A workshop for effective use of ChatGPT and Co.

Suitable for:         

Departments and teams such as: marketing, human resources, development, etc.



Short description

As part of our strategic AI workshop, we will bring you up to date on AI in a business context. Here we look primarily at the challenges ofdata protection and theregulation and develop together Strategiesto ensure your future AI projects protect sensitive data and comply with legal requirements. The core of the workshop is the implementation of aAI readiness checks which aims to identify concrete use cases for your company.

Our service - your benefits

  • AI maturity assessment:As part of the AI Readiness Check, you will find out how compatible your company is with the integration of various AI technologies.

  • Individual AI use cases:You receive tailor-made AI use cases that are specifically tailored to the requirements and goals of your company.

  • Roadmap and catalog of measures for implementation projects: You will receive a detailed roadmap that shows the steps and milestones for implementing AI solutions in your company.

  • Compliance and risk assessment: You will receive a tailored assessment of the compliance and risk aspects of AI implementations

  • Data protection and GDPR compliance:Gain in-depth knowledge of the GDPR requirements in the context of AI and receive concrete recommendations for action to ensure data protection and GDPR compliance in your AI projects.

  • Conversational AI assistance systems: You get access to our assistance systems in the areas of use cases, data protection & Regulatory and prompting for exclusive knowledge on demand.

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