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Mastering AI tools: A workshop for effective use of ChatGPT and Co.

Suitable for:         

Departments and teams such as: marketing, human resources, development, etc.



Short description

Our operational AI workshop offers a practicalIntroduction to ChatGPTand Co. The goal is to employees: inside through ourinteractive format to enable and further develop skills in the (safe) use of appropriate tools. We place particular emphasis on identifying and understanding potential use cases that specificallytailored to individual work environments are. In this way, we enable both beginners and average ChatGPT users to quickly and effortlessly raise their knowledge and skills to a higher levelproductivity of your employees.

Our service - your benefits

  • Introduction to AI: Employees receive a solid knowledge base in the context of (generative) AI.

  • Creation of an employee opinion:Answering the questions: Who uses ChatGPT, what is it used for and how is it used?

  • Proficiency in using ChatGPT:employees receive in-depth training in how to effectively use ChatGPT in everyday work.

  • Data protection and GDPR compliance: Employees gain an understanding of  GDPR requirements when dealing with Chat GPT and receive concrete recommendations for action for data protection-compliant use in everyday work.

  • Safeguarding sensitive data: Employees receive information about the safe use of ChatGPT and other AI tools.

  • Provision of additional AI tools: Employees receive additional, tailored AI tools for their individual industries and work areas.

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