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AI Readiness


To help organizations at all stages of their AI journey, WeconnectAI has developed a readiness model to help decision-makers understand where to prioritize. We developed it based on our experience working with customers in a range of scenarios and vertical industries. Examples include manufacturing companies looking to improve their quality control, or platforms looking to use AI in algorithmic trading.


Identify the maturity level of your company


Startup phase:

During your start-up phase, an initial AI drive has been launched, but broader AI applications remain undiscovered.


Your company hasn't fully developed its AI competencies. Achieving rapid results is paramount at this stage. We are here to guide you towards the most suitable AI use case tailored for your needs.

Data quality:

High-quality data coupled with AI algorithms form the backbone of modern corporate strategy.

The shift towards data-driven decisions has established a new standard, with AI tools becoming integral in business operations. Trust in our expertise as we assess your data and offer a technical proof of concept using our exclusive AI pipeline.


Proof of Concept:

Firstly, we understand and define your precise needs. Searching for the most fitting software ally is our next move.


Through our language algorithm, we meticulously analyze your specifications, match them against our vast database, and introduce you to your ideal implementation partner.


Data Quality

In order to provide you with a statement about the technical implementation, we not only check the quality of your data, but also evaluate the results with our own models.

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